Welcome to Elasto Group

Welcome to Elasto Group

Elasto Group presents a novelty and the grandeur of the years gone by in the ever competitive business environ. Our product differentiation is also found in this uniqueness. In this format we have a story to reveal to the world. It’s about our benefactors the late Eng. Donald Gunasekera in the fame of McGill University of Canada and his brother Late Wilson Gunasekera a business magnet of his own right who set out to establish Elasto first as Foamtreads and thereafter as Elasto Ltd. The duo was, energetic forward looking young men with a heart bent on developing the Bentota village.

It is no coincidence that it was the first Sri Lankan footwear industry and for that matter the first industry to set foot in Sri Lankan soil between Bentota  and Gintota in the way back as 1947.

It is no exaggeration to state that Late Eng Donlad Gunasekera, then the Chairman of Elasto and his late brother Wilson, then dy chairman Elasto Ltd have been acclaimed as the personalities  who made the Sri Lankan feet elegant while providing due protection it deserves by placing Sri Lankan feet in a shoe with low price yet of high quality which was placed at the ready disposal of the Sri Lankans then.

As an evergreen company Elasto Group extended its natural latex products to the foreign markets thanks largely to its benefactor the Late Eng. Donald Gunasekera. Presently the Elasto Group is in the reign of second generation and is placed in the capable hands of another giant from Gunasekera family namely Mangala Gunasekera, a Technocrat of high reckoning and also of great philanthropic mould as his late father. Elasto consistently is hailed by Sri Lankans as a national treasure and is held by them close to their hearts as a luxuriant flower blooming in a vine risen in the firmament   and yielding to fragrant swaying to beautify the bounty of mother Sri Lanka.

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